The Kolochava duration in Ivan Olbrakht’s life

The Kolochava duration in Ivan Olbrakht’s life

Back in 1930-ies, Ivan Olbrakht found its way to Kolochava and started their research on Mykola Shuhay, the life associated with Czech gendarmes of that time and exactly why the locals never ever thought these were guys that are bad. Shuhay ended up being persecuted as a result of their unwillingness to go back to your military. So he had been hiding when you look at the hills, hoping that the then government would get away just like the past ones. Mykola had been an area, with good understanding of the area and had a sweetheart right here, called Erzsyka. Yet, he could perhaps maybe perhaps not save yourself their skin, – Natalia informs.

The girl claims: or even for Olbrakht, the town could not function as method it’s now.

– because of Olbrakht, the town of Kolochava got known and it is, nevertheless. This has become a touristic habitat, an expression of this opryshkis’ (a legislation and purchase avenger in Transcarpathia) motion, a location homely for Czechs. More over, the author aided the indegent and orphans, the disabled people. He arranged events and training. Having said that, he had been an enchanting, a sentimentalist whom fell so in love with our nature and described it. It enchanted him then and inspired. And thus it really is nowadays: individuals visiting our land at least one time, will certainly keep coming back. (suite…)


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